Perspectives on Productivity: Corporate Australia

Perspectives on Productivity: Corporate Australia

April 2014

Productivity is on the agenda of corporate Australia. Why? In an increasingly competitive and global marketplace, productivity is seen as key to profitability. In preparing this paper we conducted in-depth interviews with over 20 C-suite members (CEOs, CFOs, COOs) from a broad range of industries across Australia. This paper examines how corporate Australia views productivity, what initiatives they have in place to drive productivity in their organisation, what are the productivity enables and inhibitors, and how they measure productivity. There are many different levels of productivity, from process improvements to productivity of business units, however, in this paper we keep the focus on productivity at the enterprise level. *This paper was presented in conjunction with ' The Productivity Imperative' session at the Hong Kong Summit in March 2015.

Keywords: Hong Kong Summit 2015, Asia Pacific, Profit, Growth, Industry, Survey, Customer, Output

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