Revolution to Evolution - Pfizer’s Workplace Journey

Revolution to Evolution - Pfizer’s Workplace Journey

November 2014

Pfizer is a global pharmaceutical company with 56 manufacturing facilities in 175 markets and has over 70,000 employees. An interesting bit of information that James shared was, “Two thirds of the penicillin used in World War II came from Pfizer’s original campus in Sandwich, which still houses offices and labs.” Today, the Sandwich site has a smaller capacity, and part of the campus has been moved to Cambridge University. Since 2011, there have also been a set of design guidelines in place, initiated by the HQ, which is in New York. Though the portfolio is very global in nature there has never been a global mandate. “This is a plus and a minus,” according to James. He adds that it allows the CRE team the flexibility to put into place their own initiatives, but having a mandate would help ensure that “the initiatives actually go through.”

Keywords: Discovery, Office, Culture, Space, Global, Innovation

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