Manufacturing & Industrial Knowledge Community Research Update

Manufacturing & Industrial Knowledge Community Research Update

November 2014

As globalization continues to shrink the world and blur boundaries across business development, the issues to consider in exploring new markets, establishing cost-effective distribution centers and containing business costs have become infinitely more complex. For global supply chain management and site selection decision points in this process, risks related to governmental and political issues, rising tariffs, increasing transportation costs, shifting markets and currency rates are highly volatile influencers of success. Responding to these shifting complexities, and to the roadblocks and opportunities they present, is essential for establishing and maintaining a highly-functioning, efficient global supply chain. This session will provide an overview of the research conducted by the Manufacturing & Industrial Community on this topic to date and share insight on lessons learned. Speakers: Ronald Keller, MBA, LEED-GreenAssociate, BSc; John R. Patelski PE, LEED AP

Keywords: Washington D.C. Summit 2014, Community, Supply, Method, Survey, Risk, Trend

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