Understanding REITs: Real Estate as a Core Business Driver

Understanding REITs: Real Estate as a Core Business Driver

October 2014

In 2013, five publicly held corporations completed the conversion to REIT status; an increasing number continue exploring the option to do so. Savvy corporate real estate executives – even those whose companies are not REIT or REIT-eligible – should be conversant on the basics of REIT and the potential implications for their own organizations. This session will provide a basic overview of the REIT structure, the macro-economic trends that are making REIT structures an increasingly appealing option, REIT criteria for traditional corporations, and the necessary business model and core competencies associated with the conversion process. Speakers: Sarah K. Abrams; Karen Ellzey; Stephanie Jones; Kevin Smithson

Keywords: Washington D.C. Summit 2014, Business, Trust, Tax, Structure, Strategy

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