Work and Workplace in 2030

Work and Workplace in 2030

October 2014

Imagine China in 2030: with one billion urbanized citizens; the largest economy in the world; the highest concentration of megacities in the world. To date limited research has been undertaken into the changing world of work and culture outside western economies. This session will share never seen before insights into the world of work and workplace in China and Asia – looking forward to 2030. Findings and video clips from in depth interviews with thought leaders CEO’s and Heads of HR will be compared with the aspirations of today’s youth captured through focus groups - undertaken across the world. How will work culture and work practices in China compare to the Asian region and to Western economies? Will we see the emergence of a “creative class’ in China? Will cities and future workplaces follow global trends – or will China find its own unique solutions? Speakers: Peter Andrew, MCR

Keywords: Washington D.C. Summit 2014, Asia Pacific, China, Change, Economy, Flexibility

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