Africa Rising

Africa Rising

October 2014

As home to some of the world’s fastest growing economies, with rapid rates of urbanization and burgeoning middle classes, it is of little surprise that Africa is appearing on the radar of an increasing number of major corporations. The last two years a surge of new production plants, distribution centers and back offices can be noticed. International capital is also beginning to focus on Africa’s real estate potential, and developers are responding to the strong demand for shopping malls, offices and hotels. Gain an inside look at what is happening in Africa, its infrastructure, market potential, offshoring opportunities, and the challenges of doing business among the diverse countries that comprise Africa. Deepen your understanding of this amazing continent as it continues its rapid global ascent. Speakers: René Buck; Carol Hessler, PMP; Jean-Damien Lury

Keywords: Washington D.C. Summit 2014, Investment, Challenge, Economy, Resource, Driver, Risk

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