Nationwide CRE & IT - Successful Partners

Nationwide CRE & IT - Successful Partners

October 2014

Despite the importance of the relationship between CRE and IT, many organizations have not enjoyed the partnership necessary to meet customer needs. The relationship with IT is a critical component in CRE's ability to deliver real estate solutions. Nationwide has successfully established an overarching framework to guide the partnership and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IT deployment. This session panel includes Nationwide's top CRE & IT executives. They will outline how this partnership provides structure and prioritization between the two organizations. Among many tough areas, they will highlight the successful tackling of managing AV solutions; harnessing RE portfolio forecasts for IT planning; data center development; and aligning the timing of portfolio with IT equipment refresh. They will review key success factors for creating an effective steering committee. Speakers: Kieran P. Sherry

Keywords: Washington D.C. Summit 2014, Alignment, Partner, Project, Agile, Driver, Connection

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