Winning in Growth Cities 2014/2015

Winning in Growth Cities 2014/2015

October 2014

After identifying today’s winning cities, the report goes on to look at some of the fundamental drivers of city performance, impacting now or in the near future, and considers how the pattern of winning cities will change and evolve going forward. The final section of the executive summary provides a range of contact points for Cushman & Wakefield Research and Capital Markets globally. New this year, we have highlighted the driving trends and performance indicators of cities for each property sector and each global region – including the Hospitality, Industrial, Office, Retail and Residential sectors, as well as the Asia Pacific, EMEA, Latin America and North America regions – and presented these in a visual one-page handout, all of which address the question of what makes a winning city.

Keywords: Market, City, Trend, Success, Rank, Strategy, Investment

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