Partnering to Evolve the Workplace Experience

Partnering to Evolve the Workplace Experience

September 2014

Two very diverse organisations from different sectors, cultures and stages of development, both concluded that the way to deliver an effective workplace experience is to focus on the end user (customer), while partnering and embracing evolution. The future is moving away from providing simple ‘one stop’ siloed solutions to embracing complex iterative user centric experiences. A workplace experience that positively resonates with the user and connects them to the organisational culture requires space, technology and management practises to work in harmony. Many organisations are redesigning their workplaces through a number of separate functional initiatives, with disconnected business expectations and delivery that is disparate, HR- wellness, RE- space and IT – technology. Speakers: Derrick Bock; Beverley Hampshire; Despina Katsikakis

Keywords: Berlin Summit 2014, Transformation, Experiment, Experience, Impact, Outcome

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