Corporate Real Estate 2020 Final Report Webinar: Workplace [VIDEO]

Corporate Real Estate 2020 Final Report Webinar: Workplace [VIDEO]

July 2012

Each of our organizations finds themselves somewhere along a spectrum, between what we have done in the past (often too little) and what is possible for the future (often seemingly out of reach). Thus is the conundrum we have in predicting the future of the workplace ... possibilities are generally gated by our current conditions, the baggage we carry with us (culture, legacy) and the market forces that drive us to change and innovate. The trends identified in CoreNet Global's CoRE 2010 have continued and intensified as we focus on Corporate Real Estate 2020. The Workplace research team examines forces -- such as speed of technology change, entrance of younger generations into the work force who have quite different values about work, the need to cut costs and shrink portfolios and the continued push toward globalization -- that are converging on the workplace and Corporate Real Estate's position in provisioning and managing it. Join Terry Sullivan, Steelcase; Margaret Serrato, Herman Miller; Rick Cleveland, Cushman & Wakefield; and Steve Hargis, HOK in this webinar exploring the following issues: ? Expansion Beyond Mobility to Presence ? Shift From Owned Assets to On-Demand Assets ? Movement From Facility Manager to Work Experience Enabler ? Globalization, Localization, and Other Factors that will Affect Workplace in 2020

Keywords: Corporate Real Estate 2020, Workplace, Demographics, Flexible, Assets, Third Place, Cost, Strategy, Demographics, Flexible, Assets

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