Workplace Design Transformed by Research and Big Data

Workplace Design Transformed by Research and Big Data

October 2013

Cisco was able to leverage their complex research and big data to drive key decisions. This resulted in attracting talent and maximizing retention. These decisions changed the design of the workplace, the choice of technologies to be implemented, and Cisco's flexible work policies. Discover how they created an environment that is a direct manifestation of Cisco's collaboration and mobility strategy; and provides the opportunity to determine quantifiable business value associated with that strategy. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Discover how to apply highly complex research methods and big data analysis to design an effective work environment based on the needs of a highly flexible and emerging workforce. Assess the alignment of workplace, technology and work policies to support the global workforce. Discover how human capital metrics were incorporated into workplace research to build a strategic business case for workplace change that helped influence business leader decision making and provided Cisco's Workplace Resources team with a seat at the Operating Committee level. SPEAKERS: Alan McGinty, MCR Anita Kamouri, PhD

Keywords: Las Vegas, Design, Data, Connect, Policy, Technology, Environment, Space, Video, Utilization, Work Styles, Performance, Lesson

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