The Business of Cities 2013

The Business of Cities 2013

November 2013

The urban world is in full swing. The number of people living in cities is increasing by more than the population of the UK, Colombia or South Africa each year, and the present and future performance of cities has never been more important. Cities are now the major sites where challenges around the new economy, sustainability and resilience, equality, infrastructure, leisure and culture are all played out. Five years on from the Global Financial Crisis, the focus is on how cities are navigating new paths towards sustainable growth. The measurement of city performance is one of the critical ways in which we can assess the complexity of urban change, and judge which approaches are successful or not. This report, prepared by Greg Clark and Tim Moonen, makes a valuable contribution in assembling the widest possible collection of global city indexes, benchmarks and comparative rankings. This 2013 edition has been expanded in scope to encompass over 150 indexes, which together offer a comprehensive bird?s-eye view of the state of city watching worldwide.

Keywords: Urban, City, Benchmark, Rating, Market, Economy, Global Leader, Emerging, Investment, Government

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