Corporate Real Estate Talent in India

Corporate Real Estate Talent in India

February 2014

It is still a young profession, having only been introduced in the late 1990s and early 2000s after the influx of international multinational companies (MNC) into India. However, the profession has been evolving, and there are increased demands on the CRE function from the C-Suite, in national as well as international MNCs. With this increase in demands and expectations comes the need for an enhanced work force and CRE specific talent. Yet, as with CRE in many places around the world, there is a severe lack of skilled talent in the Indian CRE sector. The two foremost concerns in India with regard to sourcing CRE talent are: first, finding good talent, and second, attracting and retaining personnel.

Keywords: India Report, Asia Pacific, India, Talent, Function, Position, Leader, Workforce, Skill, Demand

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