Technology Smörgåsbord

Technology Smörgåsbord

May 2011

Moderator: Mark Evans, Business Development Director - Technology Market, Johnson Controls Speakers: Matthew Sheldrick, Vice President Business Development, Qube Global Software Yvonne Reshetar, Business Manager, Building i Paul Doherty, Senior Vice President, Screampoint David Spence, Director of Business Development, Officespace Software Need a little software education without engaging in detailed discussions with individual software companies? Have you ever wished you had an opportunity to hear about the latest technologies, see live demonstrations, and learn how they work and why you should care WITHOUT any sales pressure? Software providers across a broad range of subject areas including portfolio management, environmental, lease and transaction management, business intelligence, space management and flexible working will share the technologies that can have the greatest impact on corporate real estate (CRE) in an informational, non-sales presentation. Learn how to make technology work the way you do, the ideas and concepts behind the technology, who are the users of technology in your organization, their expectations and what excites them. View five 15-minute technology presentations from different technology developers/experts including, ScreamPoint, SharePoint and Qube Global Software, with brief examples of where and how it has been implemented to the benefit of the organization. Key Takeaways * Understanding of the latest software capabilities and how they can help your organization

Keywords: Chicago Summit 2011, Johnson Controls, Technology, Business Intelligence, Metrics, Office Space

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