European Sustainability Guide

European Sustainability Guide

April 2013

Sustainability rating tools can be useful to compare buildings, cities or countries. Industry standards for valuing buildings exist across Europe. However when it comes to sustainability standards the situation is more diverse. This adds a layer of difficulty for property investors and occupiers who are trying to assess sustainability practices in different markets across the region. Sustainability is a broad concept involving three objectives: social, economic and environmental. So, a low energy consumption building is necessary but not sufficient for a sustainable approach in real estate. Environmental and social aspects must also be taken into consideration to achieve the ?ultimate? sustainable building. For real estate, sustainability is not only about reducing the energy consumption of buildings but also the integration of these buildings into such environmental and social aspects as the manufacturing of their construction materials and how the occupiers subsequently use the premises.

Keywords: Europe, Sustainability, Green, Social, Economy, Environment, Energy, Facilities, EPBD, EPC

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