Well-being in the Workplace

Well-being in the Workplace

March 2014

The sustainability movement has led to a new awareness of how to design buildings to be more sustainable. But what about the occupant? Green buildings are healthier for the occupant with better lighting, more access to natural daylight, reduced exposure to toxins and increased fresh air. But that's not enough. Sitting stagnantly at a desk staring at a computer all day is killing us faster than anything else. Many office-based workers are not living healthy lives, and we as the design community have an opportunity to change. Join the conversation on Well-Being as we examine issues and practices impacting the health of workforce today. Key Takeaways: Deepen your understanding of the issues and factors impacting health and well-being today. Review the environmental practices, guidelines and options used to encourage movement and improve well-being in the workplace. Discuss strategies to increase engagement and productivity. Speakers: Kay Sargent Dr. Linda Swan

Keywords: Singapore Summit 2014, Health, Behavior, Engagement, Collaboration, Focus, Activity

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