Corporate Real Estate 2020: Key Findings and Summary Report, Launch Meeting

Corporate Real Estate 2020: Key Findings and Summary Report, Launch Meeting

September 2011

Is it possible to predict with the clarity of 20-20 vision the way that business will look 10 years from now? Given today‟s climate of protracted economic uncertainty, forecasting has never been more challenging. Volatility notwithstanding, companies, industries, professions and other types of networks need to set a baseline to gauge and anticipate change as best as current indicators and history allow. Minimally, we can strive to set an iterative baseline, creating a work-in-progress to frame our strategic mindset. That‟s exactly what more than 70 senior thought leaders of corporate real estate (CRE) and workplace, sustainability and other practices focused on August 17 - 18 2011 at the global headquarters of AT&T, including an appreciable number of the world‟s most recognized corporate brand names. Here, many of the industry‟s best thinkers convened to forge a shared vision of the future in a two-day ?deep dive‟ to help set the baseline for CoreNet Global‟s new Corporate Real Estate 2020 transformational research initiative. This is the first of a series of reports to come from this extensive global discussion.

Keywords: Corporate Real Estate 2020, Launch, Summary, Forecast, Global, Change, Technology, Prediction, Sustainability, Strategy, Leadership

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