3 The Role of Talent in Site Selection Projects

3 The Role of Talent in Site Selection Projects

October 2010

3 The Role of Talent in Site Selection Projects Moderator: Rene Buck, President & CEO, Buck Consultants International Speakers: James Christie, Operations Director, BTG Pharmaceuticals Karen Dicks, Project Leader European Shared Services Center, SpecSavers Jane Hamilton, European Head of Corporate Real Estate, HSBC Buck Christie Hamilton As the economic crisis continues to affect business, there is increasing pressure to identify markets that provide a strategic advantage. In order to gain this advantage, site selection projects must consider the role of talent, including how to assess labour pools, how the attractiveness of a location, from a labour market perspective, contributes to the success of a project, how to compare productivity figures and how to review talent in onshore, nearshore and offshore locations. In a lively, interactive discussion, Buck Consultants, SpecSavers, BTG Pharmaceuticals and HSBC will present their perspectives on labour market assessments and methodologies, as well as their experiences and lessons learned, whilst identifying ?hot? and ?white? markets all over the world.

Keywords: talant, site selection, logistics, location strategy

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