Embedding Sustainability into an Organic Environment

Embedding Sustainability into an Organic Environment

March 2014

Companies who design spaces that adapt and evolve over time to meet the changing needs of business, teams and activities can achieve long term sustainability. Tracking work styles, employee interactions and team changes contributes to more effective and sustainable working environments. Work anywhere, anytime means companies need sticky, relevant, effective, fully utilised and sustainable spaces for today?s working communities. CRE professionals need to shift their focus to value creation from maintenance management. Discover how sustainability can be embedded in activated spaces through services that continually evolve to meet the employees? changing needs for effective support. These curated destinations and experiences can enable quality collaboration between employees and between businesses. Key Takeaways: Describe the implications of changes in technology, demographics and the cultural structure of the new worker impact our current and future workplaces and communities. Identify how sustainability can be embedded in a continuously evolving workplace, while organically adapting to meet the employees? work style support needs. Understand the key success factors that are critical when creating an organic environment, utilizing space and services in a fully integrated and activated workspace. Speakers: Iolanda Meehan

Keywords: Singapore Summit 2014, Workspace, Style, Innovation, Organization, Space, Generation, Integration

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