International Sustainability Systems Comparison

International Sustainability Systems Comparison

April 2014

Arup was engaged to provide a report comparing the individual Energy- and Water-related credit requirements for major sustainability systems globally, as well as a framework to guide the decision-making process to select the most appropriate sustainability rating system(s) and target rating for a given project. The scope of this report is limited to major sustainability systems applicable to new commercial office building construction. Fit-out/interiors-only systems have not been included in this version of the report. "Major" certification systems for the purpose of this report have been defined as systems that are: Used widely outside the country of development, and/or The most commonly-used system in the countries where more than 1% of CoreNet Global Members as of January 2014, and Are current: where multiple versions of the same system are widely used between countries, those considered as current by the local Green Building Council (e.g. LEED® 2009 in Brazil vs. LEED v.4 in the USA and Canada (in-transition).

Keywords: Green, BREAM, LEED, Energy, Requirement, Credit, Certification, Water, Light, Measurement, Renewable

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