China's Property Market - Fast Tracking to Maturity

China's Property Market - Fast Tracking to Maturity

October 2010

China's Tier I cities are fast tracking to real estate market maturity. Over the past decade Shanghai and Beijing have gone through a remarkable transformation. Our analysis of 22 key cities around the globe highlights the rapid rise of both cities up the maturity curve. In 2000, they sat firmly in our ?emerging' or Gamma category, ranking 14th and 15th respectively. Today, they hold 10th and 11th positions and are classified as ?transitional' or Beta markets, having leapfrogged and widened their distance over other key BRIC cities. China's ascent up the real estate market maturity curve owes much to its unique combination of massive infrastructure investment, highly effective government policies, long-term planning, impressive speed of real estate delivery and a vibrant domestic economy. These attributes will continue to shape China's real estate market, creating a unique model that will be closely watched by many emerging markets across the globe.

Keywords: JLL, LaSalle, China, benchmarking, emerging, cities, transparency, capital, markets, change, growth, yield, maturity, connectivity, Shanghai, Beijing, index, green, management, competitiveness

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