Workplace Sudoku Strategy - A Gamification Approach

Workplace Sudoku Strategy - A Gamification Approach

March 2014

Do you play Sudoku? It's the popular logic-based combinatorial number placement puzzle. 'Workplace Sudoku' uses the analogy to create a framework for viewing your organisation in the context of gamification incorporating 'workplace ecology' where people, space and technology are simultaneously considered. This facilitated round table discussion's goal will be to populate the 'Workplace Sudoku' board with likely combinations of 'givens', and to project integrated options that deliver greater effectiveness by integrating all of the parts of the ecology and establishing a logic for prioritisation. In 'Workplace Sudoku' quadrant's of the board will represent space, people and technology issues. Given' conditions will be set on the board as a starting point. Players will be guided on an integrated approach highlighting roadblocks, compromises and issues that stand in the way of solving the puzzle. In playing the game, you will uncover rich, and uniquely customised, combination of solutions . Key Takeaways: Learn to chart a course to help your organization simultaneously consider the impact of people, space and technology. Participate in the continued development of the key elements checklist to refine Workplace Sudoku into a working tool. Learn to think differently about the workplace. Develop new ideas and attitudes by considering an important issue in a game context and apply them to the development of a new direction for workplace strategy. Speakers: Laurie Aznavoorian Dr. Agustin Chevez

Keywords: Singapore Summit 2014, Game, Strategy, Logic, People, Space, Technology, Conditions, Objectives

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