Adapt and Prosper: Navigating Impacts of Worldwide FAS 13 Lease Accounting Changes

Adapt and Prosper: Navigating Impacts of Worldwide FAS 13 Lease Accounting Changes

May 2011

Moderator: Richard C. Page, MCR, Group Head, OREO, US Bank, NA Speakers: Pierre Ratte, SLCR, Director, Hartford Holdings, LLC Xavier Menendez, Former Managing Director, PWC Larry Wolfert, MCR, Head of Strategy & Planning, Visa, Inc Mark Rosenberg, Sr. Director Product Management, Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Charles Hunger, Sr. Director, Planning and Finance, McKesson Real Estate Margo McConnell, CPA, Director - Transaction Analysis, Cushman & Wakefield The business world has had fair warning that major lease accounting changes are slated for implementation in 2012-13. With the publication of the Exposure Draft, businesses have detailed insights into proposed changes, although there are still major gray areas and ambiguity. How are businesses preparing themselves for these changes? Will changes to FAS 13 put corporate real estate (CRE) in the limelight or the cross-hairs? CRE will interact with a broad range of center functions: HR, IT, Audit, Controllers, Treasury, Accounting, as well as all business lines. How do we best prepare? Panelists will share their practices, benchmarking and thoughts relating to adaptive strategy and preparations for the new regulations, which will affect virtually everyone in the industry-- moving beyond learning about FAS 13 changes to discussing end user planning and action strategies. Key Takeaways * Resources required * Interacting with core functions and business lines to form seamless compliance with new regulations * Breaking down silos and barriers

Keywords: Chicago Summit 2011, Breakout Session 7

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