Driving Innovation - Royal Bank of Scotland's Barry Varcoe

Driving Innovation - Royal Bank of Scotland's Barry Varcoe

January 2006

Innovation - systematic, focused and continuous - flows forth from the corporate real estate function at Royal Bank of Scotland Group. This cover story features Barry Varcoe, Head of Group Workplace Operations (GWO). In a key move, Varcoe decided to keep GWO's management functions in-house. Since he had just spent the past 8 years of his career with a major real estate and facilities service provider, that decision might have surprised some. Varcoe firmly believes retaining the in-house team was essential in helping GWO get where it is today: innovating at the speed and scale required by a dynamic company like RBS.

Keywords: service delivery, bank, process mapping, workplace, employee retention, integrated solutions, staffing, strategic planning

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