Upskilling the CRE Real Estate Organization

Upskilling the CRE Real Estate Organization

May 2012

How are organizations adapting to external service demands, internal operational priorities and overall choppy economic waters? How can they prioritize skill sets for their organizations and industry sectors? CoreNet Global and CBRE recently completed a follow-up survey to its "Evolution of CRE" study to assess what technical service capabilities and soft skill sets are currently under development, envisioned or in need of enhancement for the real estate organization of the future. Use findings from this study to benchmark your needs against that of similar organizations. Evaluate effective means to adjust technical or soft skill levels using in-house training, acquisition of new talent for in-house teams, or acquisition via outsourced resources. KEY TAKEAWAYS Appraise the skills your company may lack and develop a plan to increase those skill sets. Identify how to adjust skill needs based on portfolio size, industry sector, insourcing versus outsourcing trends, and other attributes. List ways to create more competitive, strategic and integrated shared services within your organization. MODERATOR: Sunil Das, MCR, GM - Director, C.R.E. & Site Development, Intel Corp SPEAKERS: Pat Crumley, Director RE, Miller Coors Alan Drake, Americas Head of RE Strategy, HSBC Namita Kamath, Driector, CBRE

Keywords: San Diego Summit 2012, Upskilling, C-Suite, Skills, Career, Talent, Technical, Soft Skills, HSBC, MillerCoors, Organizational Structure

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