Corporate Governance and Outsourcing

Corporate Governance and Outsourcing

January 2010

CORPORATE GOVERNANCE AND OUTSOURCING JAN. 2010 | A JOINT CLIENT SOLUTIONS & RESEARCH PUBLICATION The Changing Role of Governance Programs in Outsource Partnerships Cushman & Wakefield (C&W) and CoreNet Global (CoreNet) recently conducted a joint survey of senior corporate real estate professionals to gauge their opinions on this topic. Results of the survey indicate that most senior corporate real estate professionals feel that stronger corporate governance is needed and that involving the outsource service provider in their company?s Governance Program is important or critical to the success of the partnership. This paper addresses the evolution of Governance Programs in this respect and the future need for a comprehensive approach as a critical success factor in capitalizing on the value proposition of outsourcing and achieving the desired goals of partnership agreements. Table of Contents 1. Overview 2. Corporate Governance Programs 3. Outsourcing and the Role of the Service Provider 4. Elements of Governance in a CRE outsourcing Model 5. Success Factors for an Integrated CRE Governance Program 6. Summary

Keywords: Outsourcing, Corporate Governance, Governance, Cushman & Wakefield, CoreNet Global Research, Research

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