Gaining Insight by Combining Technologies!

Gaining Insight by Combining Technologies!

March 2014

Learn how to improve your workplace strategy by combining the insight today's technologies provide. Using our global dashboard, we evidence how people are working today, bringing insight to perceived versus actual utilisation and discovering how an informed workplace strategy can deliver a more comfortable and productive environment. Through an overview of the key data streams needed to drive a workplace strategy, we identify how to use this data to drive business insight and ultimately portfolio decision-making. Complete the journey of workplace strategy and learn how to re-fit your workplace strategy to your business needs today. Key Takeaways: Understand how to combine data streams to gather workplace strategy insights Compare perceived versus actual utilisations Learn about common barriers to productivity, mobility and utilization Speakers: Surabhi Raman

Keywords: Singapore Summit 2014, Sensor, Motion, Utilization, Occupancy, Data, Meeting Room

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