CoreNet Global and DTZ Urban Relocation Survey [presentation slides]

CoreNet Global and DTZ Urban Relocation Survey [presentation slides]

March 2014

Rapid change is everywhere in the corporate environment, including in real estate needs. Businesses, like people, are moving from the suburbs to the cities. The CoreNet Global and DTZ "Urban Relocation" Survey sought to delve into this growing trend in workplace strategies: the relocation of more and more companies to new or redesigned, often smaller, locations in the, urban core. We wanted to examine what motivates companies to undertake complex relocations. Additionally, how are forward-thinking corporate RE leaders planning for and/or managing their companies' transition from the suburbs to the urbs. And, are these decisions partly due to their roles as corporate citizens, since company relocations can help to revitalize metropolitan and regional areas. To access the webinar recording (Level 4) click here

Keywords: Survey, Urban, City, Generation, Relocate, Revival, Talent, Image, Efficiency, Lease

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