Corporate Real Estate 2020 Final Report Webinar: Service Delivery and Outsourcing [VIDEO]

Corporate Real Estate 2020 Final Report Webinar: Service Delivery and Outsourcing [VIDEO]

September 2012

In today's Corporate Real Estate (CRE) market outsourcing is a given, but one single outsourcing methodology does not fit all. Trends toward cost containment are universal, as exemplified by the increasing collaboration between CRE and Procurement. But corporations are employing a variety of outsourcing strategies and structures to achieve such efficiencies. The future of CRE will be shaped by today's visionary leaders. To capture and present what they see on the horizon for the Corporate Real Estate 2020 transformational research initiative, the Service Delivery and Outsourcing team conducted more than 20 interviews centered on service delivery industry issues of today and tomorrow. View this webinar and gain insight on: Real Estate business objectives and goals integrated with Procurement Vendors' responsibility for data access and usage as it becomes more widespread as a means of delivering corporate real estate strategy Clientele driving service providers to grow their platforms globally The continued consolidation of service providers Human resources and training capabilities becoming a heightened requirement Pricing and performance management models becoming more value-based (more strategic and proactive), while less focused on purely financial objectives

Keywords: Corporate Real Estate 2020, Service, Delivery, Vendor, Partners, Procurement, Data

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