2012 CoreNet Global State of the Industry

2012 CoreNet Global State of the Industry

March 2012

Our members-only 2012 State of the Industry report captures some of the varied, diverse, assorted, wide-ranging, often-conflicting and extensive factors shaping today and tomorrow's global landscape. Some compelling questions arise for which we'd like to think we have some answers, including: Even with mobility, why do more employees today prefer to work in the office? Could the potential impact of cloud computing be overestimated? Will we ever find a reliable way to measure sustainable practices? How is the economy really impacting companies' spending?

Keywords: CoreNet Global, SOTI, Workplace, AWS, Mobility, Office, Flexible, Onshoring, Manufacturing, Square Foot, Technology, BYOT, Sustainability, Energy, Incentives, Green, CSR, Economy, Trends

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