Discover the Hidden Value in Your Legacy Brownfield Assets

Discover the Hidden Value in Your Legacy Brownfield Assets

September 2012

Legacy Brownfield assets are often treated as ongoing liabilities due to high demolition costs and frequent potential for contamination. However, enhanced land and asset value can be identified by developing a legacy brownfield asset management plan. Learn how to evaluate the opportunities, the drivers that generate market value and identify the best option for the asset. Discussion will identify and outline the key milestones that asset owners can follow to mitigate risk, add value and achieve full regeneration of legacy brownfield assets. Hear case study examples of how organisations have realized enhanced value by becoming fully informed about available opportunities. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Evaluate legacy brownfield assets for potential unlocked value and develop an asset strategy plan that allows liability mitigation and the realisation of latent value. Discuss the impact the regulatory environment has on legacy asset owners and how European planning frameworks and funding initiatives can offer owners new opportunities Analyze asset value and create the best exit strategy in relation to the overall business plan and objectives. SPEAKERS: Peter Holden, Partner, EC Harris LLP Paul Webber, Partner, Program Delivery and Risk, EC Harris LLP

Keywords: London Summit 2012, Brownfield, Sustainability, Liability, Value, Remediation, Risk, Costs

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