Global Site Strategy

Global Site Strategy

March 2014

John Corbett gave an insightful presentation on Cisco's "Global Site Strategy" or GSS, which was put into place in order to align Workplace Resources (WPR) with Cisco's business model and corporate strategy. The idea was to be consistent in all real estate decisions, whether it was an M&A or a regular site. The money still needed to be invested where it made sense and where it was required rather than just going with what might be convenient. John went on to tell the delegates that a hands-on approach to site selection and strategy can have benefits, such as attracting top-notch talent, being flexible in face of the vagaries of the economy and aligning the RE portfolio with markets where the company intends to expand.

Keywords: Discovery, Initiatives, WPR, Site, Integrate, Cross-functional, Flexible, Optimization, Plan, Tools

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