Corporate Real Estate 2020 Final Report Webinar: Technology Tools [VIDEO]

Corporate Real Estate 2020 Final Report Webinar: Technology Tools [VIDEO]

September 2012

While the corporate real estate (CRE) executive works furiously every day to support corporate strategies, unyielding forces outside office walls are creating their own agendas for today's workplace. It's the very nature of technology, and our Corporate Real Estate 2020: Technology Tools team provides a glimpse into how today's leaders are coping with these fast-moving dynamics. Join Robin Ellerthorpe, Vice President, HOK; Michael Pereira, Global Program Manager, Polycom; and Michael Swanstrom, President and CEO, Business Integration Group as they discuss: Always networked wireless devices Immediate and time-shifted smart access to business conversations, meetings and presentations B.Y.O.T. (Bring Your Own Technology) Wearable interfaces and transparent, biometric based security Applications such as Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS), now the Enterprise Research Planning (ERP) systems of CRE Intuitive environmental sensing Corporate Real Estate strategy's "goodwill assets" that include 3rd places (e.g. coffee shops), recognizing the value of the worker ecosystem Sensors placed in building systems enable real-time management of space availability, quality and energy

Keywords: Corporate Real Estate 2020, Technology, Cloud, Data, BYOT, Wearable, Metrics, Sensors, Security

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