Doha, Qatar: Global Ambition, Regional Influence

Doha, Qatar: Global Ambition, Regional Influence

June 2009

Executive Summary Qatar is articulating a clear long term vision for its future from an economic, social, and physical perspective. Central to this vision is the creation of sustainable communities for both local and expatriate residents based on a unique combination of heritage, culture, favorable economic prospects, innovation, high quality of life and future aspirations. Investing wisely to increase international influence ? the reinvestment of the gas and oil revenues it has secured and the economic successes it has achieved recently, together with strong leadership, will play a significant role in delivering this vision. Qatar is poised to punch well above its weight as one of the world?s richest and most dynamic economies. Doha exemplifies the new thinking of investment led urban development that is currently prevalent across the Gulf. Doha ? an increasingly competitive city. Doha offers a unique combination of ingredients that are likely to see its emergence as an increasingly influential city on the global stage. These include: ● Gas driven wealth ● Re-investing it?s wealth in nation building ● From global village to global city ● A clearly articulated long term vision ● Global engagement and regional mediation ● Openness in Arabic expression ● Taking the art of place-making to new levels ● Infrastructural development to reinforce sense of place ● Creating an attractive business framework ● Emphasis on sustainability communitiesand high quality of life Real Estate Plays a Key Role in the Vision ? Qatar has explicitly recognised that real estate plays a vital, multi dimensional role in realising it?s vision. In the short term, real estate provides an important source of revenue and employment. Over the longer term, real estate not only houses different components of the vision but also helps shape the vision itself. The Challenge of Timing ? As in other emerging m

Keywords: Doha, Qatar, Global Ambition, World Winning Cities, Emerging Markets, Jones Lang Lasalle

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