Collaborate to Innovate: Deutsche Bank's Multi-Vendor Globalised Model

Collaborate to Innovate: Deutsche Bank's Multi-Vendor Globalised Model

March 2014

Innovation is a core Deutsche Bank value. Analysts expect it. Investors reward it. Customers demand it, and the talent we need to attract is hungry for it. In the Bank's transformed CRE delivery model, continuous improvement is predicated on multi-vendor collaboration. Better understand the methodologies used to share best practices and new thinking between firms in a multi-vendor model, while protecting IP / commercially sensitive information. Key Takeaways: Discover how Deutsche Bank's continuous improvement programme challenges service providers to drive new value into corporate real estate services and support the Bank's strategy 2015+. Gain insight into how DB's globalised data strategy improves insight and supports shared innovation through golden source analytics and business intelligence. Speakers: Samit Chopra Richard Hughes David Prout

Keywords: Singapore Summit 2014, Collaborate, Silo, Operating Model, Partnership, Transform, Client

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