Futures Forum 2

Futures Forum 2

February 2014

In January 2012, we ran our first Futures Forum. Over 450 people joined the week-long debate using online crowdsourcing technology sharing their views on 16 question topics. The debate rapidly broadened beyond the opening topics, often spawning further themes and cross-bridging. In response to this, we have since run two further crowdsourcing events. In September 2012 we hosted a focused debate on the question of the future of the corporate real estate client role (the report for which was called 'CRE at the Crossroads'). In March 2013 Futures Forum 2 repeated the original futures forum concept but in the shape of a supplementary debate on a further 8 question topics. For each of the forums we have produced an account of the debate, plus some analysis and comment This is the report for Futures Forum 2. As with the first Futures Forum report, we have first provided a short summary of all topics, followed by a more in-depth commentary of each in turn.

Keywords: Zurich, Shared Services, Technology, Paperless, Food at Work, Education, Research, Role, Change

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