Leading the Way: Shell's Implementation of Global Standards

Leading the Way: Shell's Implementation of Global Standards

March 2014

Discover how Planon enabled Shell to reduce the number of service providers and improve their vendor management process. Learn how Shell went from 'local processes' to 'global standards'. Understand how Shell optimized their space utilization using Planon's global IWMS Interactivity. During this interactive session audience delegates will be able to vote and contribute their opinions. Gain a best practice approach from a global leader with practical steps to streamline vendor management in CRE. Broaden your understanding of how to implement global standards, whilst maintaining local flexibility.  Key Takeaways: Understand how Shell defined and implemented a best-in-class approach to their vendor management Discover practical easy-to-implement steps for streamlining vendor management - with an international CRE focus. Assess how best practice international standards may be implemented without losing sight of local requirements. Speakers: Alex Lim Shah Irwan

Keywords: Singapore Summit 2014, Model, Business, Cost, Portfolio, Approach, Focus, Benefits, Lesson

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