Setting Your Sustainability Ambitions

Setting Your Sustainability Ambitions

March 2014

Sustainability has been talk of the town in recent years. But when euphoria about formulated sky-high ambitions start to fade, and implementation appears to mismatch budgets, reverting to the business as usual appears to be the logical step. However, when we set sustainability goals that suit the identity of our organization, we establish our beliefs and start doing the things that match our economic reality. Through a case study learn about a company that has walked the walk with a LEED Gold accredited learning facility. This campus has shown that the incremental cost invested in design and construction of the building now delivers a healthy building. Moreover it delivers a yearly reduction of carbon of 400 ton and OPEX of 130.000 USD paying back the investment after only 6 years. Key Takeaways: Develop an understanding of the importance of setting sustainability goals, that match with the organizations' identity and goals. Comprehend the value of sustainable building, in terms of OPEX and other measurable advantages. Identify ways of expressing and setting sustainability ambitions. Speaker: Ilse van de Voort

Keywords: Singapore Summit 2014, Environment, Building, Energy, Phase, Value, Design, LEED

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