Corporate Real Estate 2020 Final Report: Location Strategy and the Role of Place

Corporate Real Estate 2020 Final Report: Location Strategy and the Role of Place

May 2012

The Corporate Real Estate 2020 Location Strategy and the Role of Place report describes emerging best practices for planning and executing global location strategies for multinational corporations, regional companies, and the communities that are working to attract business investment and growth. This report explores the mega business trends and their impact on corporate location strategy; highlights future issues, challenges and opportunities shaping decisions of where to place corporate facilities; and imparts knowledge for corporate real estate (CRE) executives and service providers to optimally serve corporations in the design/execution of geographic deployment strategy. Report highlights include: The re-emergence of manufacturing in the developed countries with smaller regional facilities Supply-chain/logistics including business continuity and disaster risk Skilled/technical labor shortages as it relates to quality job growth in many countries and localities South America and Africa: the new hotspots for BPO and manufacturing activity Physical place as the predominate consideration within the totality of corporate real estate Green sustainable agendas, policies and strategies for all states and competitive communities

Keywords: Corporate Real Estate 2020, Location, Site, Strategy, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Africa, Labor, Sustainable, Distribution, R&D, Back Office, HQ

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