JLL Perspectives on Energy Savings

JLL Perspectives on Energy Savings

June 2011

The Environmental Protection Agency?s well-known ENERGY STAR® program is not yet commonplace among commercial portfolios, but it is catching on rapidly. More than 6,200 commercial buildings now carry the ENERGY STAR® label, meaning that they are more energy efficient than 75 percent of comparable facilities across the U.S. As with the EPA?s widely-accepted standards for consumer products such as appliances and electronics, ENERGY STAR® for Buildings and Plants is a mark of environmental stewardship appreciated by tenants, employees and the general public. The best reason, however, to enroll your building in ENERGY STAR® is that the program really works. Whether or not your facility earns an ENERGY STAR® label, this no-cost analysis of your property pinpoints ways to increase efficiency that, if adopted, virtually always reduce energy consumption?and save you money. This paper makes the case for embracing ENERGY STAR®, and outlines how the evaluation can be effectively implemented in your portfolio.

Keywords: JLL, Energy, Utility, Cost, Savings, ENERGY STAR, Efficiency

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