Managing and Optimising the Portfolio: Balancing Cost, Flexibility and Risk

Managing and Optimising the Portfolio: Balancing Cost, Flexibility and Risk

March 2014

The pace of change and volatility in the global business environment has never been greater. To align with the business, CRE must deliver ever-greater efficiency, agility and flexibility in the real estate portfolio. To say the least, it's a tall order. Attend this session to hear how senior occupiers are approaching this challenge and get answers to these and other questions: Will I ever get accurate demand forecasts from the business? How can I convince our business leaders that they don't need so much space? What approaches for client relationship management (CRM) work best? Is it possible to grow the business without growing the real estate portfolio? Does leasing always offer more flexibility than owning? How much does flexibility really cost? Will our industry ever be innovative enough to deliver affordable, just-in-time real estate? Key Takeaways: Discover proven successful CRM techniques. Improve your ability to convince business leaders they can accomplish more with less space. Share thinking on the concept of just-in-time real estate. Speakers: Shelley Boland David Chang Elliot Lewis, MRIS David Lindsay

Keywords: Singapore Summit 2014, Change, Trend, Lease, Investment, Strategy, Risk

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