Shift Happens: The Future of Work

Shift Happens: The Future of Work

March 2013

Understanding the utilization of real estate is key to driving change in its usage. How do CRE professionals ensure accurate data collection? Take account of cultural and operational differences globally? Pin-point opportunity and fine-tune space allocation? Through wireless sensor technology, Johnson Controls partnered with IBM for a pilot, generating real-time occupancy data. Learn how results enabled IBM to identify optimization opportunities and create an informed workplace strategy. Key Takeaways Discover opportunities to save money and/or build revenue through identifying those megatrends external to their organisation and develop future thinking to avoid costly portfolio errors Identify those technology/social/environmental trends that will increase/enhance employee productivity over time and how these will impact the workplace. Comprehend the impact that new technologies and trends will have on business in the future and how to minimise portfolio risk. Speaker:Anthony Stack, Business Solutions Manager, IBM

Keywords: Shanghai Summit 2013, Workplace, IBM, Megatrend, Demographics, Technology, Data

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