Workplace Transformation Survey: A Global View of Workplace Change

Workplace Transformation Survey: A Global View of Workplace Change

December 2013

There is no doubt the corporate workplace is rapidly transforming. Whether in North America, Europe, the Middle East, or Asia Pacific, maximizing the productivity and efficiency of the corporate work environment is a top priority for today's occupier. Most are taking a comprehensive view of change that considers the cost savings, increased efficiencies, cultural impacts, and human resource benefits and challenges. Organizations are moving forward with change at various speeds and pursuing a number of strategies in order to achieve their desired goals. To better understand the challenges, differences, and consistencies of workplace transformation, Cushman & Wakefield, in partnership with CoreNet Global, recently conducted a global occupier-focused survey on the changing work environment. The results provide keen insight into the drivers of workplace change, the pace in which change is occurring on a global basis, and the barriers to transforming the workplace. Participants were asked a series of questions about their organizations, the level of transformation that?s occurring, and whether workplace change is effective. The following discusses the results of this survey and provides a view of the trends driving workplace change.

Keywords: Occupier, Productivity, Hoteling, Mobile, Change, Cost, Goal

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