Moneyball for CRE: The New Science of Analytics

Moneyball for CRE: The New Science of Analytics

October 2012

Follow the lead of successful business operations that adapt metrics and analytical practices to maximize real estate portfolio productivity. Learn about today's innovative technologies and processes -- including enterprise systems, global standard exchanges and pattern-based strategies -- to position your commercial real estate department to make better decisions based on analytical information. KEY TAKEAWAYS: Learn how to use emerging systems and mobile applications to provide real-time analytics and predictive solutions. Integrate performance metrics to produce a clear picture of the total cost of real estate and develop a standard for exchange among real estate stakeholders. Implement modeling processes, including technologies utilizing Geographic Information Systems, to improve the commercial real estate decision-making process. SPEAKERS: Nancy Johnson Sanquist James Barlow John Serri Richard Jordan

Keywords: Orlando Summit 2012, Big Data, Analytics, Portfolio

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