The Living Office

The Living Office

March 2014

Imagine a total experience of work that is more natural, more desirable, and ultimately, more rewarding. The new landscape of work is inherently global and seamlessly digital. In it, any person can connect with any other person, information, idea, or even machine. By working with the world's leading thinkers and designers we strive to apply a greater understanding of how people think, are motivated, create and collaborate - in this new landscape of work. Doing this allows us to see a different approach to how we manage our work, the tools and technologies that enable us, and the places where we come together to do it. In turn, the traditional role of individuals and organizations has blurred. The lifecycle of ideas, products, and businesses has accelerated from decades to years, and from minutes to milliseconds. Key Takeaways: Define what a Living Office is and how that can help to improve workplace design. Be prepared to enter into debate with other work departments to discuss staff attraction, retention and to maximise productivity. Speakers: Mark Catchlove

Keywords: Singapore Summit 2014, Work, Office, Collaboration, Modes, Activity, Behavior, Employee, Together

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