The Energy Challenge: A New Agenda for Corporate Real Estate

The Energy Challenge: A New Agenda for Corporate Real Estate

April 2007

Today, building energy costs are ramping up, greenhouse-gas emissions regulation is on the horizon, and climate change is accepted as an alarming reality. New trends have emerged that are unlikely to be reversed. While building costs are usually a relatively small portion of total operating costs, they are also one of the most controllable compared to taxes or insurance. Corporations are thinking about energy efficiency and believe it is growing in importance, yet they don't have the management structure in place to realize improvements effectively. This report describes and recommends two action plans- one for corporate real estate and one for service providers.

Keywords: research council, Atlanta Summit, sustainability, energy, energy efficiency, drivers, trends, life cycle, energy management, LEED, carbon neutral, energy savings, energy management, corporate social responsibility, regulations, retrofit, valuation, research council

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