Transforming Citi's Portfolio in Singapore

Transforming Citi's Portfolio in Singapore

March 2013

Many companies approach portfolio change through a ?big bang? approach. However, Citi took an ?incremental approach? over a six-year period. This allowed ?success transfer? and ?lessons learned? to be incorporated into future changes that paved the way for ongoing leadership education and subsequent support. By utilizing this somewhat iterative process, progressing through implementation, evolution and global feedback loops. KEY TAKEAWAYS: ? Understand how an incremental approach to portfolio transformation can be effective in educating managers and gaining buy-in for best practice workplace initiatives that focus on value creation and business effectiveness. ? Utilize techniques to engage and influence executives in order to secure their leadership support for new initiatives to increase portfolio elasticity and agility to respond to highly dynamic businesses. SPEAKERS: Erwin Chong Caroline Burns

Keywords: Shanghai Summit 2013, Citi, China, Singapore, Portfolio, Objectives, Titanic, People, Challenge, Learning

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