The Workplace Performance Survey

The Workplace Performance Survey

October 2007

Contribution from TRIRIGA. TRIRIGA sponsored an outside consultant, Michael Bell, to survey and analyze workplace organizations relative to their workplace organization, processes, performance objectives, and key performance indicators. The survey addresses the following key issues: To what extent have enterprises established operational, financial, and "green objectives" for their workplace assets and operations To what degree are enterprises adopting more integrated, process-based disciplines to meet these objectives What are the key performance indicators underlying their workplace objectives The workplace has experienced dramatic changes in the last ten years. Worker mobility enabled by network and wireless technology has revolutionized work styles and workplace culture; that require new system support tools and services. And the "green revolution" centers on workplace sustainability, particularly relating to energy efficiency, and long-term sustainability of enterprise buildings and workplace environments. These trends coupled with a continued drive toward workplace cost containment, worker productivity, and asset efficiency have now risen to the senior executive agenda; demanding new levels of sophistication, precision, and excellence in the management of workplace assets, services and processes.

Keywords: survey,TRIRIGA, workplace, performance, mobility, network, sustainability, green, energy, efficiency, performance, management, objectives, measurement, tools,

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