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Rising Rents, Increased Headcounts and Need for Flexibility Are Key to Growth in Coworking
April 20, 2017
New Study Released by CoreNet Global and Cushman & Wakefield Shows that Coworking is A Major Trend For The Workplace; More Than Half Of Corporate Real Estate Executives Considering Coworking Spaces For Employees

Corporate Real Estate Community Addresses Air Quality Issues in China
April 18, 2017
China is grappling with a serious air pollution crisis that not only poses a threat to public health, but also could very well be an impediment to China’s economic growth.

CoreNet Global Announces New Board Officers
March 31, 2017
The Board of Directors of CoreNet Global, the leading global association for the corporate real estate profession, announced today that it has named new officers beginning April 1, 2017:

A Sense of Community in the Workplace Fosters Productivity
March 3, 2017
While the term “workplace” today can refer to a range of settings, including the living room table, coffee shop, co-working spaces and traditional offices, one common theme consistently emerges: a sense of community fosters teamwork and results in greater productivity.

To Win the War for Talent, Corporations Will Need to Provide "Best in Class," High-Tech Workplaces
February 9, 2017
In order to win the war for talent, one of the most pressing concerns for corporations globally, they will need to offer "best in class" workplace experiences based on the latest technology and services for employees, according to new research findings presented by CoreNet Global and ISS World Services.

Corporate Real Estate Positioned to Lead in the CSR Effort
January 31, 2017
Corporate Social Responsibility is increasingly being used as a tool for expressing the values of companies and their shareholders, a way of linking organizations to popular or important issues, and a point of pride for employees, according to a report from CoreNet Global, The Bigger Picture: The Future of Corporate Real Estate.

Compensation Steadily Rises for Corporate Real Estate Professionals
January 26, 2017
In a recent survey of corporate real estate executives at corporations globally, 81% reported that their base salary increased from 2015 to 2016 by an average of 4.6%.

Wellness Works: Companies Report Increase in Productivity Measures through Focus on Employee Health
January 17, 2017
Undoubtedly encouraging for those who made New Years’ Resolutions to get healthier and perform better at work, a survey of corporate real estate executives at large corporations conducted by CoreNet Global and CBRE Group, Inc. has found that when a company focuses on employee health and wellness, workers report increases in engagement, retention rates increase, and absenteeism declines.

CoreNet Global Announces New Board Members
January 4, 2017

Even With Lower Energy Prices, Corporations Are Focusing On Efficiency, Sustainability and the Pursuit of Zero Net Energy
January 4, 2017
Even without soaring energy prices as a primary motivator, global corporations are increasingly focused on achieving a state of zero net energy (ZNE), according to a report from CoreNet Global.

Vietnam Presents Opportunities for Corporate Real Estate
January 4, 2017
Changes in governmental policies and economic expansion in Vietnam have paved the way for growth in corporate real estate (CRE).

Student Team from University Of Illinois Wins Global Competition to Address Challenges Faced by Corporate Real Estate Professionals
November 2, 2016
A team of students from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign has won the CoreNet Global Academic challenge, a global competition in which student teams design scenarios that address challenges faced by corporate real estate professionals.

CoreNet Global Names John Vazquez the Corporate Real Estate Executive of the Year
October 24, 2016
CoreNet Global, the most prominent professional association for corporate real estate professionals, named John M. Vazquez, of Verizon, as the Corporate Real Estate Executive of the Year.

CoreNet Global Names the First Young Leader of the Year in Corporate Real Estate
October 24, 2016
CoreNet Global, the most prominent professional association for corporate real estate professionals, today announced the winner of its first ever H. Gordon Wyllie, MCR, Young Leader of the Year Award.

JLL Wins the 2016 Global Innovator's Award from CoreNet Global
October 24, 2016
Professional services firm JLL received the H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator’s Award from CoreNet Global.

Corporations Favoring Urban Settings Over Suburbs
October 18, 2016
A new survey comparing the priorities of corporate CEOs and corporate real estate executives has identified a strong trend in which corporations are locating facilities and offices away from suburban business parks and to central business districts and creative urban environments.

The Future of Corporate Real Estate in the Global Economy
August 23, 2016
For growing small and large corporations, the temptation to enter markets outside of one’s original home is overwhelming and will be even more so in the future due to increasing global connectedness.

Connecting Corporate Real Estate with the Bigger Picture
July 14, 2016
The corporate real estate (CRE) profession will be influenced, disrupted and transformed in the years ahead by a powerful combination of forces that are re-shaping business strategy and operations, consumer preferences, and how and where people want to live and work, according to a new report released today by CoreNet Global.

Corporate Real Estate Function is Becoming More Aligned with C-Suite
July 12, 2016
Survey of Corporate Real Estate Executives, Conducted By CoreNet Global and Sodexo, Finds That Corporate Real Estate Profession is Well-Compensated, With Flexible Hours and Opportunities For Advancement

Outsourcing to Increase in Corporate Real Estate
May 26, 2016
Facility managers and corporate real estate professionals project significant increases in outsourcing, according to a survey released today by CoreNet Global and ISS. Nearly 76 percent of survey respondents reported that they would see “more” or “significantly more” outsourcing by 2025.

Beacons are Sending a Signal to Corporate Real Estate Professionals
May 17, 2016
Beacons, electronic devices that can be as small as a cookie, are infiltrating everyday life and demonstrating important ramifications for corporate real estate professionals.

Corenet Global Announces Winners of 2016 Awards for Professional Excellence, Economic Development and Sustainable Leadership in Corporate Real Estate
May 12, 2016
Finalists for the Global Innovator’s Award Competition Also Announced; Winner To Be Named at the 2016 Global Summit North America in Philadelphia

Smart Cities in India will Share Corporate Real Estate as Profession Emerges
May 1, 2016
As a developing economy with a rapidly growing population, India will see the development of smart cities, but they will be different than other smart cities already taking root around the world. And, the corporate real estate profession in India will be impacted by the way the smart cities develop in India, and how quickly they emerge, according to a new report from CoreNet Global, “Smart Cities in India, The Way Forward.”

Workplace Wellness Efforts are Here to Stay
September 8, 2015
In an open online survey conducted by CoreNet Global, a strong majority of respondents – 80 percent -- said that corporate wellness initiatives represent a "significant trend," while only 20 percent said that they were a "passing fad."