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CRE Review - April 2017
April 2017
From author Christopher Kelly's vantage point, there are three disruption drivers in CRE. First, there's the type of work itself. Work-life balance is being replaced by work-life integration in which our work and life play out in parallel.

CRE Review - March 2017
March 2017
Behavioural design is a methodology that seeks to use space design to drive specific behaviour(s). Find out how scientists are using tools and techniques to help simplify human behaviour, and how designers are planning around behavior and shaping it.

CRE Review - February 2017
February 2017
Design with these four principles at the forefront of workplace fosters teamwork and leads to innovation, providing a competitive advantage and the potential to effectively chart an organizations ideal future.

CRE Review - January 2017
January 2017
In 2010, Leesman set out to answer this question by creating a wholly independent benchmarking tool that could measure the effectiveness of workspace based on the views of the employee.

CRE Review - December 2016
December 2016
In terms of protection, we now have to accept that we all have a part to play: ownership and responsibility in preventing, detecting and protecting not only ourselves, but others.